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REST handling empty POST body and filters concepts

Best practices for restful services versioning and documentation Swagger Specification  Swagger Specification   Handling versioning with dispatchers

RESTful services automated testing

WebApplication automated testing You could use WireMock. It’s a library that works really good with http requests. You could start your WireMock server in @BeforeStory and it will start recording and then shut it down in your @AfterStory in your steps class. You will have your response for your request stored in a… Read More »

RESTful services references

Bean validation Blogs Quick guide Status codes: Sr. No. HTTP Code Description 1 200 OK, shows success. 2 201 CREATED, when a resource is successful created using POST or PUT request. Return link to newly created resource using location header. 3 204 NO CONTENT, when response body is empty for example, a… Read More »